About PC HealthBoost

A Trusted Brand of Boost Software, Inc.

PC HealthBoost is a trusted brand of Boost Software Inc. When it comes to software, we just don't throw together an interface guessing what users need or may want. We go the extra mile and try to understand consumers and their wants and needs.

Users may not know this, but we have HUNDREDS of active testers who put our software to the test through extensive evaluations on EVERY release.

These evaluations help us to understand exactly what a typical user needs and wants, and we implement these changes on a regular basis.

This is what Boost Software Inc. is all about. Quality and Integrity built into every program.

As you can see, our goal is to provide a positive user experience through working with real people to improve our products… not just programmers and developers.

We're so glad to have you as a customer, and if you aren't a customer now, perhaps we can earn your business in the future. Either way, we wish you the best!

Boost Software
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