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Windows XP/Vista/7 32 & 64 bit
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PC HealthBoost is a software tool that automatically repairs PC
registry errors. The free version of this software repairs file association
and font entries, and allows you to remove startup programs. Upgrading to
the paid premium version allows you to fix all registry errors, and comes
with a 90-day guarantee.

What are Windows Update Errors and What Do I Do about Them?


Windows update errors usually occur when you try to install or use a program. They also might take place when you turn your computer on or when you browse the Web. Common Computer Problems and Solutions You might encounter many different issues when trying to keep your computer up to date. Most of the time,… Read More »

You Don’t Have to Have Windows 8 Problem when you clean up computer

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When you clean up PC hard drive errors and have Windows 8 problem after another, it’s time you clean up computer errors. It’s time to learn about this operating system’s most prevalent issues. 8.1 Preview Issues This newest upgrade of a new-generation operating system fixed many problems. However, no operating system is perfect – especially… Read More »

Computer Problems and Solutions for Dll Errors

about dll

Sometimes just reading about common computer problems and solutions for dll errors helps you diagnose the issue more easily. Understanding the purpose of dll (Dynamic Link Library) files also helps. Why do We Need Dll Files? They help use run legitimate programs we use every day. Even Microsoft Office programs use certain .dll entries found… Read More »

Guide to Using PC Health Boost to Eliminate Error 1722


If you experience Windows Installer error 1722, you risk possible slow computer performance, screen freeze, or Blue Screen of Death. Experts recommend you resolve this issue as soon as possible. Problems Associated with Error 1722 You may have problems loading programs or they might not work properly. Sometimes, you also can’t install new programs, your… Read More »

How to Use PC Health Boost to Get Rid of Error 1719


If you get error 1719 when trying to install a program, you might have missing or corrupt files on your computer. In order to fix the problem, you need to repair or replace damaged program registry entries. How Serious is Error 1719? It might not cause your computer to crash. Furthermore, you probably can still… Read More »

About PC Health Boost Reviews: Does it Resolve all Computer Problems?

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You might read both good and bad PC Health Boost reviews, and we expect that. Either way, we assure you we care about everyone who uses our product. We continually strive to improve and change it, and this requires using an expert team to remove all bugs.  The Purpose of this Top Registry Cleaner This… Read More »

What is Error 1722 and How can PC Health Boost Fix It?

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Error 1722 is an alert concerning a Windows Installer problem. It means that a program you tried to run did not set up completely. Oftentimes, it occurs when you try to set up the WSE Runtime installation, but also occurs when you try to run other programs.  Sometimes, it’s an error within the software package… Read More »

How to Use PC Health Boost to Clean Up Error 1719

PC HealthBoost

PC Health Boost can help you restore many different types of registry problems. One common one that people deal with is error 1719, and often removed it the hard way before trying an automated program. When you read below, you’ll learn some ways people have resolved this issue. Then, you’ll learn how to do it… Read More »

Can you Clean up Computer Errors with Free Computer Protection?

Speed Up PC

Free computer protection has helped users to some extent. However, it doesn’t always clean up computer errors, and sometimes you still experience PC performance inefficiency. If you want to avoid issues that could keep your computer running slow, you should upgrade to a premium program. Usually paid software such as PC Health Boost has a… Read More »

5 Ways to Clean up Computer Errors that Slow You Down

You can clean up computer errors using one of several methods. Some procedures help you physically clean it while others work in the deepest corners of your hard drive.  Here are some ways to clean up computer errors that slow you down: Make sure you update your PC often. If you have Automatic Updates turned… Read More »