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Performing a Blue Screen of Death fix can seem overwhelming if you are not sure what steps to take to complete this process. A PC Cleaner Free Download may be the fastest way to do it. However, you first may want to learn more about what BSOD (a.k.a. STOP errors) you may experience.

Blue Screen of Death

A Blue Screen of Death Fix Lesson: List of Common Stop Error Codes

There is actually dozens of Stop error codes you might receive when trying to perform a Blue Screen of Death fix. What you see below is select STOP error messages from different categories of stop errors you may see on your computer.

List of STOP error messages:

  • OX1 (0x00000001)-This pertains to a file mismatch in software you are trying to run. This usually results from a faulty or incompatible driver stored on your PC.
  • OX C1 (0x000000C1)-This has to do with memory corruption when the driver “wrote to an invalid section of the special pool.” It might be displayed as the following:  “SPECIAL_POOL_DETECTED_MEMORY_CORRUPTION
  • 0xC4 (0x000000C4)-This is a fatal Driver Verifier error. It may also display this message: “DRIVER_VERIFIER_DETECTED_VIOLATION.”
  • 0x5C (0x0000005C )-Usually this message shows up when you have issues with hardware you are trying to run. It also might be related to a driver malfunction. You might see this alert: “DRIVER_CORRUPTED_EXPOOL.”
  • ox5C6 (0x000000C6)-This message usually shows up as DRIVER_CAUGHT_MODIFYING_FREED_POOL. It is related to memory issues that can cause your computer to run slow.
  • 0xCA (0x000000CA)-This is a problem with your computer’s Plug and Play Manager. It is a driver corruption issues that may reveal itself as “PNP_DETECTED_FATAL_ERROR”
  • 0xD0 (0x000000D0)-This error oftentimes shows itself up as “”DRIVER_CORRUPTED_MMPOOL” when attempting to access memory when IRQL processes are too high. It basically indicates a possible PC memory usage overload.

Initial Steps Toward a Blue Screen of Death Fix

Win8 Restart


The first step would be to restart your computer. Upon reboot, you are advised to select “start Windows in safe mode.” This will lead you through a process of steps that helps you fix serious operating system errors. If you cannot access windows, you may instead have to use your recovery disk if you have one or use some other advance method of restoring your machine. This may require additional technical support so don’t be afraid to ask for help.

A PC Cleaner Download for a Blue Screen of Death Fix

PCHB Start Screen

You can also perform a blue screen of death fix using registry cleaning software. In minutes a PC cleaner download can wipe out all serious Windows problems. After you scan it and remove all problems you see, you will be able to use your computer again. It takes just minutes.

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