Blue Screen of Death Fix in a Short InfographicJune 29, 2013 by admin

how do you fix the blue screen of death


If you are looking for a blue screen of death fix, hopefully you have reached this before it’s too late. Chances are there is still help to be had. In many cases you get a few chances before the blue screen completely shuts you down, but you don’t have much time to fool around either. You want to fix a blue screen crash as soon as you see it coming.

Fortunately, most blue screen of death fixes are easy these days. Most of the viruses that used to come up with false BSOD screens are easily detected and pitched to the trash by the Windows firewall and if that doesn’t get it your antivirus should. So, what do you want to do next? Well, follow these steps and if you still need help you can ask us, contact our knowledgebase, or visit.

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4 Responses to “Blue Screen of Death Fix in a Short Infographic”

  1. Meridith says:

    I love this iconograph, it’s really helpful. There are few things more frustrating than a BSOD error for an online student, so I appreciate the info on how to fix them. Thanks!

  2. Yeah. Me too! I had a Literature Review due this week and thought I was going to have a nervous breakdown when the “blue screen of death” appeared on my PC. A friend told me about the PC Healthboost software. It was quick and efficient and saved my grade! I was able to finish up the research project, with notes I had been compiling for months. This article was particularly useful. Thanks for making all of this so easy to understand. My system will never get so bogged down again. I can now run a scan whenever I see signs of sluggishness.

    • Erin says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write Sky. We really appreciate the feedback. If you ever need anything else, please contact us and we’ll help right away. Your software includes free PC Health Boost tech support and 24 hour phone service at 000.000.000

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