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A certain blue screen of death fix usually is required to resolve an error identified as “HAL_INITIALIZATION_FAILED.” This Windows 8 problem is otherwise known as STOP error 0x0000005C sometimes abbreviated as STOP 0x5C.

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Blue Screen of Death Fix – Why Does This Windows 8 Problem Occur?

It happens for a variety of reasons. Lately, it is because quite a few people are trying out in Windows 8 in a Windows 7 virtual test environment. However, it might also happen any time you try to install a program that is not compatible with Windows 8.

The Initial Blue Screen of Death Fix Step

This is rather simple, but it will help you finish the PC repair process rather quickly in most cases. It is the first action recommended prior trying any in-depth repair procedures.

Before you do anything else, perform these simple actions:

  • Restart your computer.
  • Let the PC reboot.
  • See if the blue screen STOP error message returns.
  • Take the next appropriate action.

Other Blue Screen of Death Fix and Tips

Sometimes you will not see this STOP error after you start up your computer again. However, seeing this screen means that your computer needs maintenance. You can use a variety of methods to speed up PC registry problem. 

BSOD Solution: Free Registry Repair Advice

If you don’t figure out how to fix the blue screen of death right away, you are not out of options. There is still hope if you try one of the methods you see in this or the next section. 

  • Disk defragmentation steps for removing STOP 0x5C error –These steps are fairly straightforward, but don’t feel bad if you still need help after reading this.
    1.  Swipe your finger or pull down with your mouse from the upper right hand side of your screen
    2. Touch “Search” with your finger or mouse
    3.  Enter “optimize drives” in the search field.
    4. Click or tap “settings.”
    5.  Touch or click on “defragment and optimize.”
    6. Click or touch on the drive listed that you want to defragment.
  • Disk cleanup steps- This problem takes very little time to carry out unless you are removing very large files.
    1. Use your finger or your mouse to swipe or pull from upper right hand corner of the screen.
    2. Tap or click “search.”
    3. Type “disk cleanup.”
    4. Hit “free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files” with your finger or mouse when you get to the disk cleanup menu.
    5. Select the drive you want to clean with your finger or mouse.
    6. Hit “Okay” to confirm.
    7. Tap or click “delete files.”

If you happen to accidentally delete files you don’t want, you can find them in the recycling bin. If you want to recover them, just select them and restore them and they will be back in their original file folders.

More Blue Screen of Death Fix Help

You can obtain a free registry fix, and you can acquire some downloadable Windows 8 registry software. It will detect problems and get rid of them very fast.

Typically, the steps of a registry cleaning software used to clean up your PC are as shown below:

  • Download this program onto your PC.
  • Click to run and install it.
  • Once installed, click on it again to run it.
  • Use this software’s scan feature to detect errors.
  • Confirm that you want all errors removed.

After you perform the blue screen of death fix, you can prevent it from happening again. If you clean up PC errors and update your computer often, it will run better than ever.

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