“How Do I Fix Windows Update Errors?” You askedSeptember 27, 2013 by admin

You asked a very common question: “How do I fix Windows Update errors?” “Very carefully,” is our first response.

However, you of course need a more detailed answer than that. After all, you probably have important work to finish or you just want to be able to watch a movie or play a game – and now. Regular computer care will usually avoid this problem, but now you just need to know how to restore your machine right away.

You Can’t Clean Up PC Problems Without Updating It

If you want to clean up PC problems, you need to know how to fix Windows Update errors. This will allow you to download new security patches and install the most recent files your computer needs to run correctly. One of the ways to keep up with current times is using the Microsoft Fixit tool.

Fix It

All you need to do is download this utility and run it and it will allow you automatically find problems. If you’re a more advanced computer user, you can choose which problems you want Fixit to correct. Then, if this tool resolved all issues, you can then begin some easy maintenance steps.

How to Use Windows Update to Clean Up PC

Actually, this utility won’t necessary clean up PC problems, but it does correct them. Microsoft constantly comes out with new fixes and continually provides support for its operating systems. Updating it regularly will help you make it run right as if you did erase all corrupt files.

PC Healthboost - automatic updates

Here’s how to turn on Automatic Windows Updates:

  • Go to your control panel.
  • Find your update tool and click on it.
  • Wait for a page for the page to open.
  • Select whether you just want the important or the recommended downloads.
  • Set a date and time to allow them to occur.

A quick way to find Automatic Updates: On Windows 7 you can search for it from your Start menu and Windows 8 you can find search for it on your Start screen or Control Panel. Usually you can type in “updates” or “Windows Updates” to find it.

As far as how often to receive new patches and fixes, you would benefit from just allowing them daily if available. However, even once a week will help; it’s better than not at all.

“How Do I Fix Windows Update Errors Automatically?”

If you just asked this question, you’re not alone. Not everyone wants to spend time wondering why their updater won’t work. Even if they do figure it out, they already wasted precious time then spent working.

You do need to make sure you keep your maintenance utilities working right. Otherwise, receiving the current patches you need becomes difficult, and your computer starts running much slower over time. Eventually, it will crash if you don’t maintain it regularly.

Still, you can take extra effort to resolve the situation. The answer to “How to I fix Windows Update errors?” will sometimes come to you more quickly when you use highly-qualified automated software to complete the job.

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