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Learning how to clean up computer errors may seem overwhelming enough at first. Then, you have to understand all the different alerts you get.

For instance, perhaps you just received the message “An error is preventing the photo or video from being displayed. Error Code: 0x80004004.” This sometimes happens when trying to open up a photo in Windows Photo Gallery, or other multimedia editing program.

When You Want to Clean Up Computer Problems Fast

The exact process you use to clean up computer errors depends on the origin of it. For instance, the error code 0x80004004 may just arbitrarily show up once in Windows Photo Gallery. Then, it could be in the next instance be gone, even though you are using the same program. This happens quite a bit.

Usually the problem goes away once you close a file and try to reopen it. However, you are advised to wait a few minutes before trying to use the same program to open it again.

Reasons for error code 0x80004004 when using Windows Live Photo Gallery:

  • Your Microsoft Security Essentials Requires an update. The easiest way to receive all updates for this program would be to turn on your Windows Updates. Then any changes made to the Windows Live Photo Gallery will apply to you. Your software will run correctly and you will be able to open all of your photos.
  • Automatic Updates are turned on but your Internet connection timed out. You may require a stronger signal so your updates will download normally. Otherwise, your broken Internet connection will continue to interrupt the process.

PC Healthboost - automatic updates


  • You missed some regular updates provided for this program. You might have to check for new Windows Updates and allow your PC access to possible new critical updates. This will help ensure you receive the right upgrades to help you successfully use MSE as well as the Photo Gallery.

PC HealthBoost - Updates


How Checking For Updates Helps You Clean Up Computer Errors

This process provides you with the necessary tools you need to run your programs more efficiently. This is true when dealing with error 0x80004004 or any other PC problem you encounter. Upgraded software makes your machine run better, and at the same time it helps fix your registry. Current versions of software works hand in hand with removing all problems. Therefore, your slow computer works more efficiently and speeds up by keeping everything updated.

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  2. […] operating systems. This software cleans up and eliminates most Error 1722 Windows update errors, Error 0×80070424, and Windows installer errors, among other […]

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  4. oskari says:

    It’s really annoying to have this kind of “Help to problem with Win UPDT 80004004″.
    First you promise help …, make investigation, tell that you can fix it all what you found, but customer have register…
    When you register, you don’t get activation code at all or it can take looooong time…
    My resolution to these kind of Helping is uninstall and give feedback.

    Thank’s but no thanks…


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