How to Clean Up Computer Problems That Are Slowing It DownMay 2, 2013 by admin

If your computer is running slow, you can clean up computer problems. However, the method of repair might be different depending on the operating system you use.

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Clean Up Computer Problems on Windows 7

You can use more than one method to get rid of registry problems on Windows 7. It could take some trial and error on your part before you find the method that works for you.

  • Registry Fix Method #1-Use the Windows “Disk Clean-Up” Tool. This does not take very long at all. You just use these steps:

◦     Click the “Start” button on your lower left hand corner of your screen. Your usual menu as well as a search box appears.

◦     Type “Disk Clean-up” Tool. You will then be led right to “disk cleanup” in search results.

◦     Click on “disk cleanup.” A prompt will appear saying it is calculating how much space you will be able to free up on your computer.

◦     Choose the files you want to delete.

◦     Check the list of files or folders you want to remove. You are advised not to remove the ones from the Recycling Bin, and be careful which programs and drivers you remove.

◦     Click on “Clean up System Files.” You might also want to click on “view files” before you do this. You should receive a prompt asking you if you are sure you want to remove the files. If you are sure, click “yes.” If not, just cancel the process.

◦     Wait for files to be removed. This might take a while. If you make a mistake and delete something you didn’t want to remove, you can go back to the recycling bin to restore it.

  • Registry Fix Method #2-Check for Windows Updates. You can search from this from the start menu or “Control Panel.” Then Click on the “Windows Updates” search result and then click on “Check for Updates” to the left on the next screen.
  • Registry Fix Method #3-Uninstall Unnecessary Programs. You can do this using the disk cleanup tool as described earlier. Otherwise, you can just go to the individual file and document folders and manually delete what you want. You could also search for “add or remove programs” from the Start Menu and then uninstall programs one at a time.

You can also use one of the methods of registry repair recommended for Windows 8. However, one of the above three ways of restoring your computer performance should work.

Clean Up Computer Registry on Windows 8

  • Registry Fix Method #1-Adjust Computer Performance Settings.  This just takes a few short steps:

◦     Swipe from upper right hand side of screen. If you are using a mouse you can point it at the upper right hand corner of your screen and pull down.

◦     Tap search and enter “defragment” into the search box. Alternatively, you can click “search with your mouse and then type in the desired search word.

◦     Click or tap on “settings.” Either touch it with your finger or use your mouse to do this.

◦     Tap “defragment and optimize” with your finger or, or click on it with your mouse.

◦     Tap or click on the drive you want to optimize. You will see it listed under “Status.” From here you will also find options for automatic scheduling of defragmentation and optimization.

  • Registry Fix Method #2-Use the “Disk Clean-Up” Tool.

◦     Swipe upper right hand screen or pull down with your mouse.  A search box will then appear.

◦     Tap or click “search” and enter the search term “disk cleanup.” It goes in the search box.

◦     Tap or click “settings” and then hit with your finger or mouse “free up disk space by deleting unnecessary files.” This will lead you to your list of drives.

◦     Tap or click on the drive you see on the list that you want to clean. After doing so, you are then ready to execute the disk cleanup process.

◦     Hit “okay” with your finger or mouse. Your disk cleanup process begins after you complete the next step.

◦     Tap or click “delete files.” This helps you remove files you don’t need or want.

  • Registry Fix Method #3-Get Rid of Files You Don’t Need. You can do this using the disk clean up tool or you can manually delete them from “Program Files” and “My Documents.” You can swipe or pull down from your upper right hand screen, search for either of these locations, and start exploring which files you want to remove, then delete them.

A Faster Way to Clean Up Computer Problems

The fastest way to clean up computer problems is to download and install a registry repair program. Usually this software will fix registry problems after you scan for problems and let the software identify them.

Then, you can use this program to remove any errors you see. Afterward running this software, your PC should run faster. However you are advised to restart your machine after you attempt to clean up computer problems.

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