How to Deal with Common Windows Installer ErrorsDecember 4, 2013 by admin

Windows installer errors usually occur after trying to run a program you just installed. Oftentimes, it’s because an important file within the software installation package you downloaded is missing.

If you know the program has been properly set up to run on your computer, then it could be a compatibility issue. Either way, learning more about problems no matter what operating system you use will help.errors

Identification of Specific Windows Installer errors

If you experience a Windows 7 or Windows 8 problem, you’ll usually get a specific message concerning the matter.

For instance, you might struggle with one or more of these errors:

1721 – This alert usually appears when you try to install Symphonic Orchestra. For some reason, your computer won’t let you set it up for use.

1500 – This often occurs when you didn’t realize you’re already trying to install a program. You might have to wait for the original installation to finish or restart your computer.

1309 – You’ll more than likely get this error message when you try to create a new destination folder for program files. You may not have permission to do it or you may need to logout and log back in as the administrator.

1307 – If you don’t have enough disk space on your computer, you might get this alert. Usually it means it’s time to remove old programs and files that are taking up too much room.

1312 — You might get this alert when you try to create a directory folder to use for placing installation files. Either you need to rename the directory folder or create a new one.

1329 – This often means that a cabinet file is corrupted. Otherwise, it’s not digitally signed.

How to Clean up PC Performance

Each problem you encounter requires a different solution for resolving it, as shown above. However, you also can make some changes that help you improve your computer’s overall performance.

For instance, you can use your disk cleanup tool to help you get rid of unwanted files and unused software. Do a quick Start menu or computer search for “disk cleanup” if you don’t know your way around your Control Panel.disk clean up

In addition to using disk cleanup tools, you can also try using your defragmentation tools (a.k.a. optimize drive tools in Windows 8). Scanning and removing viruses and spyware as often as possible also helps.  disk defrag

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