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When you have Windows Update errors, it usually means you don’t have all the necessary dll files or registry keys needed to run certain programs. When this happens, your programs might shut down on you unexpectedly, or they might not open for you at all.

Sometimes viruses cause dll errors, but other times it’s because you may have not completely installed a program. Usually, you can uninstall and reinstall the software and it will run again. However, you may need to find other ways to get rid of problems preventing you from keeping your computer current.

Getting Rid of Dll Errors Using Microsoft Fixit

You have plenty of options for getting rid corrupt files or finding missing program files. One way to do it is to use Microsoft Fixit. However, keep in mind that the instructions shown below are for repairing the Windows Update tool itself. Once that’s fixed, you can get rid of dll issues and fix registry problems.

Try these steps to execute the Fixit tool on Windows 7:

  • Click on “accept.” On this screen, you will click on the accept button to confirm you want to install this tool on your hard drive.
  • Select an option. You’ll either choose to allow the tool to detect and fix problems for you, or you can select what fixes you want to make from a list.
  • Wait for process to finish. When this Fixit task is done, you’ll see a dialogue box that says “Troubleshooting is complete.”
  • If necessary, seek additional help. Fixit will tell you whether or not there’s a problem. If you still need help, you can seek further assistance online.

Where to Get More PC Help

If you still have questions about your computer, you can go to the Microsoft Support site or to one of your favorite forums to learn more. Other people who have had similar problems in the past almost always enjoy helping people who want to learn how to fix common problems.

Once you corrected your updating tool, you could also set your computer up to receive new OS changes automatically. You can turn them on from the Control Panel after searching for “Windows Update” from your Start menu.

Follow these steps once you’re on the right screen in your Control Panel: automatic updates

  1. Click on “Change settings.” This brings you to the screen where you can turn your updating tool on.
  2. Choose “Install updates automatically.” You’ll find this option under the heading “Important Updates.” It’s located on the drop-down list.
  3. Choose date and time for downloads. For instance, you can set your computer up to receive them every Sunday evening at 3:00 AM. For best PC performance, experts recommend setting this function to receive them every day at least once daily.
  4. Check additional options. For instance, you might want recommended software updates, and you may want to decide if you want anyone who uses your computer to install them. You can also choose whether or not you want important Microsoft alerts sent to you.

You can also install any available upgrades you see within same screen you use to change your updating settings. It will always keep your machine as current as possible.

Automated Help for A Clean Registry

Your PC can have a clean registry again using an automated fix tool. Certain repair programs help you take care of dll errors and other installation issues. If you download and install the right tool to correct Windows Update errors, your programs will work better.

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