How to Fix Your Slow Computer and Fix Outlook Express ErrorsJuly 4, 2013 by admin

Sometimes you may have slow computer performance when trying to send and receive e-mails. This may eventually lead to Outlook Express errors. It also may sometimes be the other way around, your computer may be running slow because your connection is bad and thus you are having trouble sending and receiving mail.

Send and Receive Errors On Your Slow Computer

Error 0x800ccc0b is one of the most common Outlook Express sending and receiving errors. This message often appears when you try to send messages back and forth via your POP or SMTP server. It sometimes shows up as an “unknown error.”

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Another common problem is error code 0x8004210A, which indicates that an operation timeout has occurred. This usually takes place while waiting for a response from the SMTP outgoing server. 0x8004210B is another common problem that occurs when trying to use Outlook Express. This is also an error code that sometimes appears when trying to send e-mail from your server.

Practical Ways to Fix Outlook Express Errors (0x800cc0d) To Speed Up Your Slow Computer

One common instance after which you see error code 0x800cc0d is when you try to access your Internet home page. Sometimes when you do, a blank page appears and your home page will not open. However, you might not even notice this error until after you run your registry cleaning software.


In any case, eliminating this problem requires one of these solutions:

  • Restart your computer in “Safe Mode with Networking.” You are usually given the option to do so when you attempt to reboot your computer after shutting it down. Safe mode especially comes up if you have not shut down Windows properly. It is important to remember the “networking” portion of this, because it includes networks and drivers. Further explanation about clean rebooting can be found in Windows Support documentation.
  • Restart in “Clean Boot Mode.” First, enable your wireless connection if you have one. Then, place your computer in Clean Boot Mode. Doing this will help you figure out which software or start-up program may be causing the issue, if this is the problem.

Steps For Improving Slow Computer Performance When “Clean Boot Mode” Method To Fix Outlook Express Errors

The “clean boot mode” method might require a little bit more explanation. Basically, this is the act of restarting your computer with as few programs running as possible. It also includes using as few drivers as possible. However, it only does so when in this mode for the time necessary to help restore your PC in the event of a software conflict.



Additional Slow Computer Fixing Assistance

Free computer protection might help to some extent. However, you usually can benefit far greater from using a premium that provides more scanning and removal options. A slow computer is usually easiest repaired when you run a registry repair program that will identify and remove these problems. This process usually takes only a few minutes.

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