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How to Get Rid of Error Code 0×80070424

It used to be very hard to fix your own PC error codes (i.e. 0×800704240), because very little info about how to do so was available to the public. Fortunately, you can now access pages and pages of resources about this problem and how to eliminate it. You should be able to resolve this issue in a very short time. PC Health Boost - 0x80070424

What Exactly Is Error Code 0×80070424?

The 0×80070424 error code usually shows up when you try to run too many programs at once. It might also occur when you try to run Windows Updates, Microsoft Security Essentials, or the Windows Firewall. Otherwise, it can be related to software that is not installed right. It can cause you to not be able to run certain PC operations properly. 

Error Code 0×80070424 Is Not to Be Confused With 0x800ccc0b Or 0×80004004

Error code 0×80070424 may sometimes be confused with 0x800ccc0b or 0×80004004, which are all very different problems. The second two errors mentioned are described further below.

  • Error 0x800ccc0b-is an Outlook Express problem that usually occurs when you try to send or receive POP or SMTP mail. It often occurs if your e-mail client is not configured properly, and this could be that you have not put in the right incoming or outgoing mail server. You also may have put in the wrong e-mail user name and password, or you are using a port that may be blocked by your ISP.
  • Error 0×80004004-This is a multimedia error that often occurs when you try to download a photo, take pictures from a CD, or install a program. It might also pop up when trying to use Microsoft Security Essentials. Running a registry fix may help you resolve this issue. Temporarily disabling your firewall or deleting your temporary Internet files may also help.

Back to Resolving Error 0×80070424

You first want to give your computer a quick scan. Then, you should try a registry error fix using a trusted software. After detecting problems this program can usually get rid of error 0×80070424 within a few minutes–or even in less time in some cases

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