Slow Computer? Fix Outlook Express ErrorsJuly 12, 2013 by admin

A slow computer causes already causes frustration. Now, you just find out you have to fix Outlook Express errors


Windows Outlook errors could be the cause of your slow computer.


Maybe you can’t send or receive mail, or you can’t log in to check your messages. What do you do now?

Common Outlook Express Error Messages

Some Outlook issues occur more often than others. It helps to understand the alerts you receive when a problem arises.


  • The server could not be found.” You might find the name and POP server name displayed when this statement appears along with “error 0x800ccc0d.” This happens if you have a poor Internet connection or if you have not set up your e-mail account correctly.
  • The connection to the server was interrupted.” Along with this alert, you may also receive instructions such as “…Contact the server administrator or your Internet Service Provider.” The server name and “sending and receiving” may also accompany this report, and you might notice the error number “0x800ccc0.” An interrupted or non-existent connection usually causes this. However, you may have to double-check the e-mail username and password you entered.
  • Your server has unexpectedly terminated the connection.” This also indicates error 0x800ccc0. You probably will see an explanation that tells you your connection timed out or you have network or server problems. You may also notice a Port number and server type (i.e. POP3) shown when this alert appears.
  • The operation timed out…” You might notice also it says, “error 0x8004210a.” A notice might also state that you were waiting for a response from the POP server before the connection timed out.


Easy Ways To Resolve Outlook Express Errors

You might just need to restart your Internet connection. If that doesn’t work, turn your computer off and then back on. Refreshing your connection almost always helps, but you also may need to verify your router still works. You could unplug and plug in your router, or you can press a reset switch on it if there is one.

If you have an active Internet connection and you still can’t send or receive mail, check your account settings. Make sure you entered in the right POP or SMTP mail server and port. You also need to verify your username and password. Microsoft Windows documentation for Windows 7 and Windows 8 will help you further with this.

Additional Ways To Resolve Outlook Express Errors

If you have an Internet connection and you know you entered the correct server information, try prolonging timeout settings. You will need the Windows Outlook Guide that corresponds to your version of Outlook to accomplish this.

Using a Windows cleaner for your PC may also correct Outlook Express errors. If not, it will clean up registry problems and speed up your slow computer.

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