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Why Is My Computer Running Slow?

Slow computer? Act Fast.


If you find yourself typing this question into your search bar, we feel for you. We created this infographic to break down 10 of the most common problems that could be causing your slow computer problems. The good news is if you are just now asking yourself, “Why is my computer running slow?” You are probably way ahead of the game because you aren’t actually typing into your search bar, “What is this darn screen frozen?” or “Why do I keep getting this Blue Screen error?”

So you’ve acted fast. Now just take a look at these top ten causes and see if you can troubleshoot through the list to see if any of this sounds familiar. You’re just steps away from having a healthy computer again.

8 Responses to "Why Is My Computer Running Slow?"

  1. Jodi Ealston says:

    Thanks for the information. At present, am facing the same trouble with my computer as this. Now, I learnt the ways to take care of my computer.


    • Ruth Ann says:

      In case you haven’t tried the PC Healthboost software, I can say it really helps with many of the issues that come up. This was quite an educational site.


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  3. Dominic says:

    Great looking infographic Erin! I think you pretty much covered the top reasons why a computer could be slow, and the infographic makes it really easy to see.
    Dominic recently posted…Virtual Memory Overuse Can Lead to a Slow ComputerMy Profile


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  6. Ruth Ann says:

    I loved how this was laid out. I am a visual learner and need to see things organized and just the basic information to prevent cognitive overload. The PC Healthboost product is a practical way to alleviate many of these issues. One scan every now and then, and I am certain my system performance is stable with no error messages! Great software by people who care.


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