You Don’t Have to Have a Windows 8 Problem when you clean up your computerJanuary 9, 2014 by admin

When you clean up PC hard drive errors and have Windows 8 problem after another, it’s time you clean up computer errors. It’s time to learn about this operating system’s most prevalent issues.

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8.1 Preview Issues

This newest upgrade of a new-generation operating system fixed many problems. However, no operating system is perfect – especially if it’s a preview.

Common issues that 8.1 users have are listed below:

  • Inability to upgrade from 8 to 8.1 without a Microsoft account — This may not be an issue for anyone who wishes to use the Microsoft store to get apps. However, people feel that it should be an option. Many people are scared, ever since threats of privacy invasions occurred earlier this year.
  • Concern about privacy regarding Smart Search – Users have concerns about Bing wanting to have access to users’ locations. However, this isn’t new. Google has done this for a long time. You have to know to turn it off this default setting. (Hint: look for “Use Bing to search online / Get search suggestions and Web results from Bing.”)
  • The Windows Media Library folders not the same – Unlike on Windows 7 or earlier, the 8.1 libraries apparently are in huge disarray. The public and private folders are not in the same locations as they used to be.
  • Practically forced sharing in SkyDrive – You probably don’t have to do this, but it feels to some people like it’s a “forced” thing. You don’t necessarily have to share everything in SkyDrive if you don’t want, but you have to know your way out of it if you’d rather not.
  • Systems Restore points turned off by default – Of course, you also can turn them back on. However, for many people, it would be more convenient to have the default of creating automatic restore points turned on as it was in the past.PC HealthBoost - error 1719

Other Operating System Issues

No matter what version of Windows you use, you might have issues. Even if the OS you currently use is as stable as a freshly-cut wooden board, you might need to troubleshoot errors occasionally. It just happens, and it’s not Microsoft’s fault nor is it your fault.

Anyway common Windows operating system issues include as follows:

  • Software incompatibility – For instance, you try to install a program on Windows 7 that was originally meant for Windows XP.
  • Dll errors affecting your registry – A program you installed recently might have had missing or corrupt files in this. Why this occurred we don’t know. It could be an unverified program publisher, a virus hacking attempt, or just simple file conflicts.
  • General slow computer performance – Maybe your computer doesn’t start up or shut down as quickly as it did in the past. Or, perhaps you try to load web pages and it takes longer than previously. Running programs, saving files, and other actions also take longer than they should.


How to Clean up Computer Errors Quickly

If you want to clean up computer errors quickly, you can download an automated top registry cleaner. Sometimes, you can even clean up any Windows 8 problem within a few minutes after just a quick scan and error fix.

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  1. Angela Higdon says:

    I have found the Windows 8 does run somewhat slower than my previous versions of windows. Thanks for all of the tips!

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    Good info.

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