Download & Installation

Install PC HealthBoost®, Scan, and Fix your PC in less than 5 minutes

PC HealthBoost was designed to download fast and install even faster. No complicated forms or confusing screens. In less than 5 minutes you can download, install, scan, and fix your PC problems. Please follow the instructions below to learn exactly how to install PC HealthBoost.

From the Welcome Screen, click 'Next'

Accept the EULA, then click 'Next'

Click 'Install'

Choose Final Options, then click 'Finish'

  1. Launch PC HealthBoost: This option will immediately launch the program and start the full initial system scan.
  2. Send anonymous software usage information: This option will send data related to how the program is used to the PC HealthBoost developers. This data allows the developers to make improvements and add additional functionality and features that will benefit you in future updates and releases. No personal information will ever be transmitted with this data.

Congratulations! PC HealthBoost is now successfully installed and is ready to run a full system scan.

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