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3 Causes and Solutions to Fix Blue Screen Errors

Oh the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. All Windows users have heard about it but very few people actually know how to prevent or even fix blue screen errors. The truth is without the proper software, blue screens errors are impossible to fix on your own. That is the problem and that is why they are so feared. However, they do not have to be feared. We are here to help.

Memory Errors Causing Blue Screen

This is the least common type of Blue Screen error. However, they do occur so we thought we should mention them. It happens when your memory (RAM) is defective or your computer is just really old and the memory cannot keep up with what is going on with your computer.

If memory is the problem, then you either just replaced a memory stick, or your computer is more than 6 years old with new programs.

Drivers Errors Causing Blue Screen

Drivers are the number one cause of Blue Screen. Drivers can easily get corrupted and will cause confusion in your computer in a heartbeat.

Luckily, it is an easy fix. You can use driver update software like DriverBoost Pro™ to scan or update your drivers in a matter of minutes. It will get everything running just like it should and that Blue Screen of Death will no longer be a problem for you.

Registry Errors Causing Blue Screen

Registry errors are second only to driver errors for causing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death. You may wish to think of the computer registry as the heart of the computer. You wouldn't want just any old quack tinkering around with your heart. Therefore, don't go messing around with the registry yourself. It is a very delicate system and one wrong edit can turn your entire computer into a nice paperweight.

Thankfully, they make registry cleaners to help you out. Yes, even the computer gurus won't even mess with the registry. If you did take your computer to a repair shop, they would use a registry cleaner as well. They are quick and effective. Try out a scan now and let it diagnose, repair, and fix Blue Screen errors for you.