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Fix PC Screen Freeze Permanently

Few things are more annoying than when the screen freezes. Since you are here, you are looking for a way to fix PC screen freeze. You already know that turning off the computer provides a temporary fix and that shutting down the program through task manager will help. What you want is a permanent fix to the problem.

What Causes PC Screen Freeze?

Screen freeze is caused when the computer does not have enough memory to keep running. It is using all of its resources to run all the programs that it is running. This is why shutting things off in Task Manager works so well. If you notice, the Task Manager says it is running at 100%. In the techy world, they call this a memory leak.

The memory leak is also fixed temporarily by shutting off the computer because it forces the computer to shut off whatever program is taking the extra memory. Of course, eventually the program will start leaking again and you will need to shut off the computer again.

Is the Memory Leak a Virus?

No. The problem is not a virus and technically you could run your computer this way for a long time. It would get worse and worse until your computer locks up. Think of it like a leaky boat. You could still ride in the boat as long as you kept bailing out the water but until you fixed the leak your boat wouldn't sail correctly.

The same holds true for your computer. Your computer can leak memory for a long time and as long as you keep restarting your computer it will work. However, you need to fix the leak so it can run correctly.

How Can I Fix Screen Freeze?

The easiest way to fix screen freeze is with some simple software. The software will scan your computer for the leak and then repair it for you in a matter of minutes. Scan your computer now and fix PC screen freeze once and for all.