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3 Simple at Home Tips to Speed Up Your PC

Is your computer running slow? Are you looking for ways to speed up your PC? Before you throw out your computer or pay some repair guy big bucks, follow these three simple tips to boost your PC speed. You can speed up your own PC right at home without spending a fortune. It's simple, easy and should be done from time to time.

Defrag Your Computer

Defragging your computer is like cleaning out the refrigerator. It takes a little bit of time and no one really wants to do it but it needs to be done. Things get messed up and moved around and without a good cleaning you won't be able to find anything. Even worse, the good stuff you have in there will get ruined by the leftover garbage from before.

Perform Window Updates

If windows pop up and tell you it is time to update again, do you really need to update your computer every time one of the updates pop up? Yes, you do. Those windows updates are very important and will speed up your computer with vital information.

After the update finishes installing, restart your computer to finish the installation process.

Clean Your Registry

The registry is the hub of your computer. Think of it as a giant filing cabinet. All the files and processing components for every hardware, software and device is stored in your registry. Any time you install or uninstall anything on your computer the registry is involved. It is only natural that it will need a spring cleaning every once in a while.

With the right software, cleaning your registry only takes a few minutes and a couple of clicks. Speed up your pc now and don't waste another minute with computer problems.